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Bookends сократит количество времени, которое вы тратите на перекрестные ссылки в документах и библиографии


Версия 13.5.4
Язык интерфейса Английский
Размер 97,9 МБ
Совместимость macOS 10.13 и новее
Архитектура x86 (64-bit)


Bookends - мощное приложение, которое представляет собой полнофункциональную и экономически выгодную, библиографическую, справочно-информационную систему для студентов и профессионалов. Доступ к данным приложения можно получить из программ: Mellel, Nisus Writer Pro, MS Word (включая MS Word 2011), а так же Apple Pages и OpenOffice.

Bookends позволяет сканировать существующие файлы и автоматически генерировать готовые рукописи в нужном библиографическом формате. Приложение позволяет обмениваться ссылками через Интернет с кем угодно и на любой платформе. 

Грамотно организован поиск и импорт ссылок из следующих источников:
Web of Science
Google Scholar
Library of Congress
и сотни других источников в Интернете.
Поддерживает синхронизацию библиотеки с Bookends On Tap на вашем iPad, iPhone, или iPod touch

Снимки экрана

  • Что нового

    • File -> Export References provides more flexibility and a cleaner user interface
    You can now use a hierarchical menu to export the selected references or the Hits, decreasing the number of dialog windows that need to be dealt with. Previously you could only export the Hits. These options have also been added to the reference list right-click contextual menu.

    • Improved marooned attachment manager
    Right-click on the list to move the selected files to a folder or the Trash. Press Delete to move the selected files to the Trash. Moving many files at once is much faster.

    • Bookends will select the default reference Type, set in preferences, when populating the Type pop-up menus in the Format Manager
    Previously it selected Journal Article regardless of the user’s preference setting.

    • New color picker
    The color picker has been modernized and is now asynchronous. That means that changes in a color are immediately reflected in the associated control. In addition, the new color picker fixes a problem some Big Sur users experienced where selecting a color resulted in sluggish behavior.

    • Swap columns in the reference list by right-clicking in the column and choosing the column to swap with

    • The full URL will be displayed in the concise views (Summary and All), not a truncated version

    • Added "More than one attachment" to the pre-defined Smart (SQL) groups

    • You will receive a warning if the default attachment folder is unavailable (e.g. on an unmounted server) and has been reset to the factory default

    • Clickable email links work in Bookends Browser

    • Use swipe gestures to change pages in Bookends Browser
    Swipe between pages with one finger can be enabled in System Preferences -> Mouse -> More Gestures.

    • Improved trapping of illegal characters entered in the Autocomplete Paper text fields

    • Updated database engine

    • Bug fixes
    Fixed a bug where Bookends would misidentify a file as marooned if it contained certain characters, such as parentheses or question marks. Fixed a bug where file bundles (e.g. TextEdit RTFD files) were treated as folders and their internal contents identified as marooned attachments. Fixed a bug that could cause a hang when performing an Autocomplete Paper using Google Books. Fixed a bug that prevented the PDF annotation color icon from changing appearance immediately after the color was edited. Fixed a bug in Wi-Fi sync of attachments. The lack of an annotation modification date will no longer cause an error when filling out the note stream.

    Подробнее: https://www.sonnysoftware.com/updates/updatehistory.html

    Инструкция по установке

    Смонтируйте образ и переместите приложение в папку Программы.
    Заблокируйте приложению доступ в интернет.
    Запустите приложение и дайте ему необходимые разрешения.
    Используйте приложенный серийный номер для активации.

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